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Tips to Find Balance and Stay Connected While Working from Home

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

COVID-19 has changed the course of our lives in just a few months. Increasing safety precautions and social distancing measures have led to many businesses shifting to their employees work from homes. Working parents are facing additional challenges as they juggle work with the educational needs of their children.

Most people are trying to make the best of the situation; however, these challenging times can be hard to manage. As we all work to create a work from home/life balance and learn to juggle work and kids and personal relationships with other family and loved ones, it is important to focus on your mental and physical health as well so that you don’t become overwhelmed. Even the remote working pro’s are looking at ways to assist in their ‘day to days’.

Here are a few tips that might help you navigate through work from home challenges and stay connected to your loved ones.

1. Plan Your Days Holistically

Although it may seem like working from home would be easy to handle, it is a mistake to underestimate the challenges it comes with. People may struggle with time management and motivation at home. Making a schedule for yourself and sticking to it will ensure that you make the best use of your time and strike a balance between your work/home lives.

2. Be Open with Your Employer and Coworkers

You might be facing some tough challenges like toddlers running around the house or older kids becoming more restless due to their disturbed routines. Being open about these problems can help you deal with these challenges more effectively.

Try to have a candid conversation with your employer and colleagues about your situation. If you must care for an elderly parent or help with diaper duty of your newborn, your ability to meet deadlines might be affected. Inform your employer about anything that might affect your productivity and do not make promises you cannot keep.

It is better to notify your employer about what task you might not be able to complete and what zoom meeting you may miss. This can help them get ahead of any potential issues.

3. Optimize Your Physical Stamina

With the tough working from home routine, you must manage your physical and mental wellbeing as well. Try to ensure that you are getting adequate sleep, eating a well-balanced diet, drinking enough water, and getting enough physical exercise.

You should also try to incorporate some stress-relieving activities like meditation into your routine. It will not only help your body remain fit and healthy but also help you go about your day with more energy.

4. Keep in Touch with Your Loved Ones

To keep yourself levelheaded, it is important that you communicate with your loved ones. Everyone is looking for support from one another. Failure to keep open communication with your partner can lead to unnecessary fights in the house. You need to be more open and set boundaries for yourself to avoid any conflict.

Try to reconnect with an old friend or your next-door neighbours. Schedule video calls with your friends instead of meeting up at the bar. If you are feeling anxious or depressed, it is better to talk about your problems, instead of bottling up your emotions. You can even refer to online therapists if you need additional help.

Staying in touch with your close friends and family is vital for you to keep your energies up and finish off the day with gratitude and strength.

If you have further questions or additional support, contact the Counselling and Wellbeing Centre. Our team use effective strategies specially designed for all ages to help navigate through uncertain times. You can find our contact details here or call our friendly team on (07) 3891 2273.

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