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Welcome to the Counselling & Wellbeing Centre

At the Counselling and Wellbeing Centre in Brisbane, we are passionate about using creative strategies to help you create a happier life. 


Established in 2003, the Counselling and Wellbeing Centre has grown to become one of Brisbane's leading psychology practices with a team of nine senior psychologists dedicated to helping individuals, couples and families achieve social, emotional and psychological well-being. All of our therapists are highly qualified, experienced and members of the Australian Psychological Society. 

We pride ourselves on being professional, compassionate and helpful with all counselling sessions conducted in a comfortable and confidential environment. 

Our Services

Our psychologists approach each person differently to help them understand what anxiety is a reassure them that it can be managed. A plan  to resolve the anxiety is then designed including steps on how to feel better.

We provide a number of solutions and services to help teams and individuals excel at work. We can provide a range of services including individual counselling, stress management, performance planning and review, as well as team building workshops.

Women face unique challenges and often don't truly feel listened to. We can assist women with a wide range of problems such as eating issues, abuse, addiction, health concerns, ageing, relationships and parenting.

Applying a similar strategy to that of our anxiety counselling techniques, psychologists at CWC look at each person as an individual with different thoughts and feelings. We can help to understand depression while assisting to build tools to overcome it.

If you are struggling in your relationship and wish to resolve conflict, CWC can help. We are trained to assist with all types of issues including infidelity, controlling behaviour, poor communication, and intimacy issues.

Adolescents & Young People

Designed to give young people the support they need using effective counselling strategies specific to young people, we offer children and teenagers a safe place to receive help for a wide range of concerns. helping achieve the best outcomes and happier lives.

We work with you to achieve social, emotional and physical well-being by utilising creative strategies for change and problem-solving with professional and personalised counselling approaches. We give you hope and practical strategies to assist you to achieve a
happier life.


Monday 8am - 6pm 

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