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Children and Adolescents Counselling

Aimed at helping young people through their changing life stages and the struggles they may face

The Psychology, Counselling and Wellbeing Centre is proud to offer psychological therapy to children and young people. After all, being a kid or a teenager can be hard. Our experienced psychologists see children and teenagers who are exhibiting signs of anxiety, depression and/or displaying challenging behaviours (including self-injury, eating disorders, substance use, suicidal activity or simply an inability to manage daily problems). 


Youth Ahead - Well-being program for kids

Youth Ahead is a program that delivers excellent professional child counselling in Brisbane for children between the ages of 6yrs–16yrs of age encouraging them to develop to their full potential. The course is conducted in an age-appropriate environment, which is peaceful and secure. It includes a child therapy room where they can relax on bean bags and enjoy the session.


The aim of our program is to provide the child with realistic and valuable strategies so he/she can live a rewarding and contented life. We believe all children have the right to be treated with respect, understanding and compassion.


One-on-one child counselling with our child psychologists is always available for those who would prefer at no extra cost.


How will the program benefit your child?
  • It can assist in making sense of feelings and experiences

  • It can assist in developing strategies to be able to manage feelings and experiences

  • Help parents recognise and respond to their child’s mental health needs

  • Assist both the child and the parents to successfully manage a range of behavioural and emotional difficulties

The children's counselling workshop is held over eight weeks and incorporates a variety of helpful topics.


The modules include:
  • Feelings and emotions (understanding how you’re feeling)

  • Self-esteem (feeling happy and confident with yourself)

  • Breathing and relaxation techniques

  • Social skills training (making friends)

  • Bullying (avoiding fights)

  • Anxiety

  • Depression/sadness

  • Behaviour difficulties

  • Trauma/grief

  • Family dynamics (getting on at home inc. blended families)

  • Classroom performance (doing well at school)

  • Teen themes (if applicable)

Prior to commencing the program there will be a meeting with the parents and child. The session will include a discussion of your child’s concerns and an evaluation of his/her social strengths and weaknesses. Only the sessions that are applicable to the needs of each individual will be included in the child's treatment program. Our child counselling program in Brisbane can make a real difference and help your child reach his/her full potential.

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