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Noarlunga South Australia

Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) aims at assisting you with work pressures, trauma, job performance, health, and general wellbeing

In today's rapidly changing economic climate achieving brilliant results in business is a real challenge. At CWC we have specialised knowledge about how to enable teams and individuals to develop and mature to levels of excellence.

Our corporate services include:


  • Team building workshops.

  • Effective communication (including listening skills & empathy).

  • Stress management and conflict resolution.

  • Change management.

  • Future planning and realistic goal setting (including accurate decision making).

  • Redundancy counselling.

  • Leadership skills.

  • Work/home balance (including time management skills).

  • Vocational assessment and guidance.

  • Dealing with difficult people (including Bullying).

  • Workplace related injury or illness.

  • Performance planning and review.

  • Managing role changes.

  • Personal counselling.

We tailor our sessions to suit each business' needs. Workshops may consist of a group or individual sessions, either at our conveniently located offices or on-site. Our focus is to get to the heart of the matter and provide effective, support to assist with achieving optimum functioning within any work environment. Our years of experience has allowed us to develop brilliant, easy-to-understand and apply strategies to maximise productivity and satisfaction.


CWC also specialises in private one-on-one counselling to assist employees who are struggling personally or professionally, or both. 

All workshops are interactive and focus on creating self-awareness for individuals as well as teams.


Call anytime to meet and discuss how we can help fulfil your workplace aspirations.


Alternatively go to the contact us page and click on the email link to send us your enquiry now.

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