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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People's Counselling

Aims to treat mental health and life issues from an Indigenous Australian perspective.

Our psychologist's value and show respect for all cultural backgrounds and have a deep commitment to providing culturally appropriate support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.


Some of our counsellors have long histories living and working in Indigenous communities and as a practice, CWC understands the unique cultural constructs of self, identity and meaning, as well as the value placed on maintaining a strong connection to land, family and kinship. Our psychologists recognise that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people encounter culturally specific issues and we deliver counselling that is appropriate and sensitive to these issues.


It is well documented that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people experience significantly higher rates of depression, social isolation, chronic health problems and social disadvantage, often resulting from intergenerational racial discrimination. We provide psychology services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients for a range of concerns including depression, anxiety, relationships, PTSD and trauma with a focus on connectedness.


We work with our clients to promote change against casual and overt racism and manage the emotions associated with racism and discrimination. It is our goal to equip clients with the skills to improve and maintain their emotional wellbeing and restore balance and harmony to their lives.

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