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Women's Counselling

Women's Counselling aims to examine struggles specific to women, such as health issues discrimination and much more

At CWC, we offer help and advice on a wide range of medical issues affecting women today in Brisbane.  We are experienced in many issues impacting women at all stages in their lives.


Unfortunately, many women rarely feel totally ‘listened to’. Being truly heard, accepted and not judged is the type of listening that is the most therapeutic. Women face many unique hurdles in their lives and may need assistance in a range of areas.


By adopting a Person-Centred approach, the counsellors’ at CWC provide an opportunity for women to discuss their concerns freely and openly with an experienced psychologist who truly listens and understands.

CWC has a special interest in therapy that helps women deal with issues that are exclusive to them, and make huge positive differences in their lives.


This includes counselling for:

  • Anxiety, depression (including postnatal and perinatal depression)

  • Self-esteem and confidence

  • Eating issues

  • Family misunderstandings

  • Love and relationship troubles

  • Health concerns

  • Juggling home/work balance

  • Addictions

  • Sexual concerns

  • Abuse

  • Loss and grief

  • Fertility/pregnancy/childbirth issues

  • Vocational/financial dilemmas

  • Hormonal disruption and Menopause

Our psychologists are specifically trained to help women feel empowered enough to address their issues, resolving them safely and thoughtfully.

We create a comfortable, non-judgemental environment in which our clients, regardless of their age, sexual orientation, spiritual beliefs or cultural background receive the care they need, as well as the information and emotional support to make confident, informed decisions.

Even just a few meetings with a psychologist at CWC can help significantly reduce some of the most challenging aspects of being a woman.

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