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What to Expect

Your first session


Our goal is to make counselling a positive experience for you right from the beginning. We understand that it may have been difficult to take the first step to get help. With this in mind our rooms have been designed to be inviting, informal and attractive. Our multi-disciplinary team does their utmost to make you feel relaxed and welcome. You can look forward to sessions knowing you will be greeted by a friendly face and offered refreshments upon arrival.

Our first session together involves discussing and identifying main issues of concern along with some initial therapy planning. We then work together to identify the most appropriate goals and strategies. Subsequent sessions include discussion of relevant issues, thoughts, feelings, reactions, skill development (e.g. relaxation training) and useful educational information about your particular concerns.

The initial sessions are also designed to establish a relationship with your Psychologist, by building a warm and trusting relationship.





All personal information gathered will remain respectfully confidential.  No information will be released to others except when required by law or with your consent as per the APS code of ethics guidelines. 

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