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Telehealth, Phone or Facetime Counselling

It is not always easy to attend counselling sessions face-to-face. Many people have legitimate reasons why they can’t travel to a counsellor’s office for therapy.

Some of the more common reasons include:

  • Feeling so anxious that it would be too overwhelming

  • Having children at home who need supervision (not everyone can arrange a babysitter)

  • Living in a location which makes it difficult to journey out (whether that be the distance to travel or just the inconvenience of getting there)

  • Feeling too depressed to consider leaving the house

  • Fears/phobias regarding leaving the house or travelling in a car or public transport

  • Having Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

  • Not being able to leave work in time to make an appointment, therefore preferring to have a consult while still at work or in transit


Our experienced staff are comfortable with conducting very effective therapy over the phone or via Telehealth. They are skilled at getting to the heart of an issue and really tapping into what the client needs. By listening very carefully, the psychologist can understand how the client is feeling and realise how to assist.

Telephone or Skype counselling is very popular throughout the world. Our staff are specifically trained to achieve great results via a strong and trusting relationship with the client. All sessions conducted over the phone will remain completely confidential.


A client may choose to actually attend some sessions face-to-face if and when it is a workable option for them. The counsellors at CWC are flexible regarding when the sessions take place and whether they are in person or on the telephone. Either way, the therapist’s goal remains the same -  to completely commit to the client in helping them feel better and enjoy a fulfilling life.


Pick up the phone and take the step today to improving your life.

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