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Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling aims to improve the relationship and resolve conflict between couples

At CWC, we're passionate about helping relationships by utilising our personalised counselling techniques. Relationship problems can be emotionally painful and confusing; negatively affecting other aspects of your life. Helping you understand, resolve and move forward is where our professional expertise lies. Our counsellors are experts in couples counselling and family counselling in Brisbane and have been chosen for their knowledge, compassion, and unbiased approach.


We are able to help with all relationship concerns, including affairs, controlling behaviour, abuse, imbalance of power, lack of intimacy, poor communication, loss of love, sexual problems, unresolved childhood issues, challenges with parenting and any other family problem you can imagine!


Relationship Counselling

When your relationship is going well, life goes well. Unfortunately, most couples will at some point experience periods of conflict, mistrust or a breakdown in communication. Common problem areas that bring people to relationship counselling include:


  • Frequent arguments, or a repeated argument about the same issue(s)

  • Differences in sexual needs, lack of sexual connection or other difficulties with sexual intimacy

  • Affairs/infidelity

  • A sense of growing apart (having less and less in common)

  • A lack of trust or jealousy

  • Conflicts about children or family members

  • A feeling of disconnectedness from your partner

  • Unfulfilled emotional needs, feeling hurt, angry, neglected or disrespected

  • Conflict about financial or career matters

  • Conflict about addictions (including gambling)


The aim of couple counselling is to help partners who are stuck in patterns of conflict to find new ways of communicating with each other so that they may discover the source of the problems and maturely arrive at resolutions. It’s an opportunity to explore fresh options after carefully considering both sides of the story without judgment. We aim to help identify the underlying causes of your relationship distress and help rebuild your relationship into a new and mature loving bond again.


Sex Therapy

A very common cause of relationship disharmony is dissatisfaction with intimacy. When one or both parties feel that they are not getting their needs met or are ‘compromising’ their true desires, the entire relationship inevitably suffers. That is why it is so important to allow for the opportunity during counselling to discuss and create healthy options around the theme of affection and physical love.

Our team is comfortable and well versed in assisting couples in getting back on track with their sex lives, where everyone feels satisfied and in control.


Family Counselling

Once you add children to the equation things automatically become more complicated. Additional strain on finances, time and patience can suck the fun out of an otherwise wonderful scenario. At the Psychology, Counselling and Wellbeing Centre we realise the extra responsibilities that come with parenthood and are able to offer practical suggestions about how to enjoy the family dynamic, find quality time for the relationship and agree about parenting styles. Family counselling may include the parents and if helpful, the children also. We take great delight in assisting families towards a brighter, more bonded future.

Benefits of counselling may include


  • Learning better communication skills

  • Learning how to better understand the struggles and challenges each individual may face

  • Learning how to constructively resolve conflict

  • Discovering new ways to view the relationship with fresh approaches

  • Finding new opportunities for enjoyment together

  • Helpful strategies for amicable separations and positive co-parenting

  • Deciding whether there is enough of a relationship to salvage

  • Mediation for a relationship that is ending


If you are struggling in your relationship or want to learn how to connect more deeply give us a call at the Psychology, Counselling and Wellbeing Centre in Brisbane for some well-researched counselling strategies that lead to successful, fulfilling relationships. Our professional psychologists can help you rediscover your relationship again by finding the root causes of the issue and compassionately provide you with guidance to help resolve them.
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