The Relationship Between Mental & Physical Health

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

By looking after your physical and your mental health you can feel stronger, more competent and boost yourself esteem.

Understanding the link between mind and body is the first step in developing strategies to reduce the existence of poor health of any form.

Mental health is more than the absence of a mental health condition or illness: it is a positive sense of well-being, or the capacity to enjoy life and deal with the challenges we may face.

Mental health impacts each and every one of us. We all have mental health, just as we all have physical health. Mental health is not fixed. It is influenced by a range of factors, including our life experiences, workplace, social and economic conditions and of course our physical state.

Whatever attitude you have about your body and physical constitution, it will inevitably impact your mental health. This can have an effect on all areas of your life including your relationships, career, and aspirations. This is why it is so important to look after all of you.

A starting point for positive change may be as simple as embracing your exercise routine with an attitude of optimism and belief that you are doing your body a big favour.

Mental & Physical Health

Because ‘good’ mental health is essential for maintaining your physical health, at the Counselling & Wellbeing Centre we use an holistic approach. That is, we look after your mind, body and spirit. We can assist in resolving past issues, negative thought patterns, motivational issues and low mood. By utilising a variety of proactive psychological therapies that suit you we can get to the heart of the matter and assist with making lasting changes.

If you would like to see one of our expert psychologists please call us on 3891 2273 or email

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