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The benefits of a digital detox to your health

Technology is a big part of our every day lives. Smart phones, smart TV's, our laptops and tablets play a part in our communication with others and our work and education. And what you watch or listen to on these devices can have a tremendous effect on your mental and physical wellbeing.

If you are prone to anxiety and other forms of mental health issues it might be time you reevaluate your usage and consider a digital detox for your health.

It's safe to say that the smartphone is an extension of our mind - yes, it’s one of the primary instruments that feeds the mind and helps you publish your mind's content.

Yes, a digital detox is a real thing, and it can positively affect your health!

Before diving into the benefits of digital detox, you've got to understand what it is.

Digital Detox - What is it?

Digital detox is the time frame you decide to eliminate using tech gadgets like smartphones, computers, social media sites, televisions, and tablets. Detoxing from tech devices helps you to focus on what's important - real life. It allows you to strengthen your social skills, how you interact with others and cut off the stress that comes with binge watching all the countless entertaining shows that go online.

Studies have shown that technology can be stressful. Not only that, using digital devices excessively reduces your sleep quality.

We can't deny that technology is a good thing. However, if your happiness depends on what you see on social media or what you watch online, you have a problem.

Signs You Might Need a Digital Detox

  • You feel anxious or stressed out if you can't find your phone

  • You feel compelled to check your phone every few minutes

  • You feel depressed, anxious, or angry after spending time on social media

  • You are preoccupied with the like, comment, or reshare counts on your social posts

  • You’re afraid that you'll miss something if you don't keep checking your device

  • You often find yourself staying up late or getting up early to play on your phone

  • You have trouble concentrating on one thing without having to check your phone

So now let's look at the benefits of taking a break and having a digital detox.

Studies have shown that social media contributes to anxiety. Everyone online seems to be prospering, and no one wants to be left behind.

People seem to only post their best lives online. No one would show you the other side of the coin, the struggle.

If you are always on your phone or looking out for the next update and email, you are not living presently.

To cut off the stress, you've got to take a break. This way, you would begin to live in the moment, become more calm and content.

Evidence suggests that heavy device use, particularly prior to bedtime, can interfere with sleep quality and quantity.

It is also found that in-bed electronic social media use has adverse effects on sleep and mood. A study found that 70% of participants checked social media on their phones while in bed, with 15% spending an hour or more on social media while in bed. The results found that using social media when you are in bed at night increases the likelihood of anxiety, insomnia, and shorter sleep duration.

If you are honest with yourself, you spend a lot of time every day on social media. If you eliminate or reduce the amount of time you spend on social media, you will redirect such energy into something more productive.

Improve Your Life with Digital Detox

A digital detox can be whatever you want it to be and can take many forms. You might want to try giving up all digital devices for a time, including television, mobile phones, and social media. In other cases, you might want to focus on restricting your use of just one type of digital device such as your phone or your gaming console.

Having a digital detox might be uncomfortable for you. You might feel annoyed, anxious, and even bored without your mobile phone. Whilst hard, it can be a rewarding experience to help you better understand your relationship with your devices and be more present and mindful in your other activities and experiences.

To learn more on how to live a healthy life, you should reach out to the Psychology, Counselling & Wellbeing Centre by calling 07 3891 2273 or send an email to

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