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How Psychologists can Help People with FND

What is FND? Functional Neurological Disorders is when ones brain has trouble sending and receiving information from the rest of the body. This causes a physical disconnection between the brain and body, which can result in symptoms such as loss of balance, paralysis, decreased emotional processing, seizures, abnormal movement, and unresponsive episodes. At the moment the root cause of FND is unknown.

How we can help

Psychologist's can help people struggling with FND by creating a tailored plan to address your needs. This may look like therapy involving Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), or Dialectal Behavioural Therapy (DBT). Psychologist may also help by monitoring and assessing symptoms, track changes, and work on creating skills to manage ones symptoms.

It is likely for individuals to also develop other psychological disorders/behaviours as a result of FND, so seeing a psychologist may help deal with depression, anxiety, medical trauma and stigma.

If you would like to book in an appointment to help with FND you may contact us through

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