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Ideas to Maintain Healthy Family Relationships

It is essential to develop solid, healthy family relationships to guarantee regular development within the family. There are plenty of simple things you can do to develop positive, healthy family relationships.

Positive family relationships are important because they:

  • help children feel secure and loved, which gives them confidence to explore their world, try new things and learn

  • make it easier for your family to solve problems, resolve conflict and respect differences of opinion

  • give children the skills they need to build healthy relationships of their own.

In this blog, we share some tips to consider in maintaining a healthy family relationship:

Quality time is essential

Spend regular quality time together as a whole family and one-on-one with each child. Even a few minutes each day is great for building healthy relationships as a family.

Be supportive

Offer support and help to each other. Strong families grow from love, security, communication, connection. Try to listen, understand and respect each other’s feelings.

Family rituals

Share values and engage in family rituals, for example family dinners, weekend walks or movie nights to build a sense of belonging.

Decision making

Find opportunities to involve your child in family life and decision making that is appropriate for their age. Have family discussions to organise family events and to work through difficulties.

Remain calm

Try and remain calm in front of your kids during challenging situations. Teach and model problem-solving skills so they become more confident at resolving their own conflicts. Set examples and send clear messages to children so they learn how to treat family members

Practice self-care

Look after yourself - it's much harder to support your child when you're tired and run down

At the Psychology, Counselling and Wellbeing Centre, we use effective strategies for families to help them navigate through their problems successfully. You can find our contact details here or call our friendly team on (07) 3891 2273.

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