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Managing being at home together during the outbreak

The current spread of Coronavirus is creating much change to usual routines for people across the country and many people are staying at home together.  Some of us will find it easier than others to be at home with family. Sometimes prolonged time at home with family can be challenging.  We may also be accessing less of the areas that would typically provide us with time and space to recharge such as gyms, cafes and workspaces.

This can pose challenges to existing relationship dynamics and pressure points that may have existed prior to the coronavirus outbreak.  

Regardless of the connection we have with those living with us, each person requires individual time and space to connect with oneself, reflect and decompress experiences, and just be for a while.  This is a normal and natural need and important to prioritise at a time when alone time has become limited. 

What can help to reduce tension and conflict in the home?

Establish and maintain healthy boundaries with those you live with

  • Open a conversation about how being together more will look

  • Negotiate how common spaces such as the living room will be shared

  • Are there any house rules or guidelines that will help everyone feel safe and comfortable;

Where possible, communicate problems as they arise   

  • Bringing up any issues early can be helpful in addressing these before they become bigger;     

  • Avoid “you always” and other blaming language  Instead try using ‘when x happens, I feel x and  I would find it helpful if we could try x

Conserve your energy

  • You may not directly experience conflict with those you are living with, but the conflict of others may have an impact on the energy in your space;   

  • Try not to become the go-between or the mediator;

  • Try to get good sleep, eat well and avoid alcohol and other drugs

Remember these are unusual times

  • Different people respond differently to stress and change and have different needs;  

  • The above ideas can support you in limiting the stress and conflict you are exposed to at this time, and if some does arise, remember it is ok to feel stressed or upset sometimes;

  • Keep humour active where you can, stay connected with friends and family outside of your immediate space with telephone or facetime;     

  • Try new ways of communicating

If you’re struggling with your mental health or having other issues, CWC QLD has a great team of psychologists who are passionate about helping individuals.

If you feel you need assistance, please contact us

Telehealth services are available.

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