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Healthy Mum's Program in QLD Brisbane

New Mumma's Course 

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Medicare Rebates Available*


The New Mumma's Course is a series of interactive, information-packed workshops (75 mins) held over 10 weeks, with each session focusing on particular aspects of the motherhood experience.

The course enables clients to learn new strategies to manage the challenges of motherhood while adjusting to significant life changes.  It equips the client with the ability to enjoy the experience as they (and their baby) grow.




WEEK 1:  Post-Natal Depression - the symptoms, causes and cultural relevance as well as some basic steps to managing depressive symptoms.


WEEK 2:  Dispelling the myths of motherhood, sharing personal experiences and offering helpful coping strategies.


WEEK 3:  Enhancing assertiveness and communication skills.


WEEK 4:  The impact of personality types on stress responses; resolving past issues - considering your childhood and creating your own path.


WEEK 5:  Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.


WEEK 6:  Self-care and "mind over mood" exercises.


WEEK 7:  Simple healthy eating guide with our dietitian.


WEEK 8:  Acceptance and Commitment therapy.


WEEK 9:  Relaxation techniques and goal setting.


WEEK 10: Reflections; community support, future assistance.

To secure your space or for more information on our upcoming courses, please contact our administration team on 3891 2273 or via email


*Medicare rebate is available provided you are eligible for a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP which includes 'Group Focused Psychological Strategies'. Please speak to your GP for more information.

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